Try A Gramme EP

by Lenina Crowne

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released April 24, 2015


all rights reserved



Lenina Crowne State College, Pennsylvania

Dystopian Indie Rock crafted in Eastern PA.

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Track Name: Angel Upstairs
Well, the winter breeze blows away the leaves
But not my memories
And if the places that you go aren't as pure as snow
Then I don't want to know
Darling, I don't want to know

Well, November is clever; you never expect it
Even if you detest it
And our times they were precious, though at times depressing
I will not forget them
Darling, I forgive, but I don't forget

So don't put your makeup on again
I didn't want to see you so soon
And if you come back to my heart again
I'll shoot straight for the moon

Oh, and it's not the clothing that you wear
Or the colors of your hair
It's just how you're so unaware
And I know that life it is not fair
So my happiness is rare
Just like a millionaire
You may be lonely over there
But why should I care?
There's an angel right upstairs
There's an angel right upstairs
There's an angel right upstairs
There's an angel right upstairs
There's an angel right upstairs

And conflict it is a pestilence
But love is just a gameshow
And all my friends tell me that I deserve better
But survey says that I don't
Track Name: Brave New World
Come and see
There's so few possibilities
Don't think that you might be unique
That's just a dream
And we don't dream here

Try a gramme
Your lips and tongue will thank you, ma'am
They'll be trying as hard as they can
To make you just like me
And why would you want to be?

There's no history
There's no music or artistry
Just the gun that is played to you
While you sleep

And darling sweet
All you girls are so easy to please
Won't you use your Malthusian belt on me?
Well, just on me tonight, my dear
But please don't fight
If I just want to say goodnight
You just mean the whole world to me
And that's something that they won't teach you here
You'd have to leave me
Well, oh, you'd have to go
I don't want you to, so...
Track Name: Southpaw
And I can't say that I know your middle name
It's escaped me
I'm captivating by the rest
And I can't say that I know your guilty traits
You always spoke to me
With such confidence
And your left hand is stronger
Your lips they are younger than mine
Though I never would have guessed by this time

And your mother she knows me and she tells me so
I guess that I made an impression
Before I knew what that meant
And your sister she never knew what to do with the thoughts that I'd given to you
But she was just drunk on herself
And on alcohol, too
But don't give yourself
Away just yet
Some thoughts that I have of you have remained since the day that we met

And your smile, well, it's impressive (I guess) to an amateur
But death to a saint
Or a sinner like me
And your hair, well, it changes with the seasons, but I can't keep track of that
When I am exposed to your face
And its freckles in place like a map
And don't pull out your lime green nail polish
If you don't want me to cry
That song reminds me of you and it will till the day that I die
Track Name: Ghost
There used to be loving pouring in through my window
There used to be hope dripping all over my face
But no one wrote it down
And we're all so forgetful nowadays

So grab your cash, boys, grab your cash
Grab your cash and get it going
Dig up something from the dirt that Shakespeare wrote
But I don't know if that will ever make it to the canon
So that must mean that it never happened
We've sacrificed our eyes for the salt that's in our blood
But you can see the beauty in a ghost if you're looking hard enough

So come on over; Mom said you should stay for dinner
We'll watch a movie and lick lollipops at the bank
And I'll even let you have the green one
If you promise not to leave town in a couple of days

But don't look so anxious; this is only the beginning
We've got time to kill and nothing on our plates
Let's write our Christmas list together
Hopefully we can consolidate

And I'm reading books and telling their stories
And so are they, but are chapters aren't the same
And though it seems so realistic in the morning
It's called fiction at the end of the day

So grab your cash, girls, grab your cash
Grab your cash and get it going
Dig up something from the earth that Jesus wrote
Because if he said so
I'll share with him my meals as confessions
And try to reenact the Great Depression
The sky is pouring rain and the sea is flashing floods
So now Christmastime is over and the end has just begun
But you can see the beauty in a ghost if you're looking hard enough
Track Name: The Mayans
I was supposed to be a father
I was supposed to be a lover
I was supposed to be another of the ones you look up to
And belong to a family
And be a better man
I was supposed to belong to you

And the clock on the wall says the sky is going to fall
But Christmas Day is almost here
And I ain't ready to be judged

So please don't say that this is the end of our days
You have no idea what that kind of implication would do
To my heart
To my health
To my brain
Track Name: and the Moon
I've got a friend; she is a beatnik
She publicizes all her secrets
With her voice like foreign caterwaul
I wish she'd move to Montreal
But that ain't so far after all
When there's flamingos in the shopping malls
And communists in city hall
And carnivores in dining halls

But the rocks are in the mountain
And the fish are in the sea
And the moon is out over me

So be the change you want to see
Live in places where you want to be
Grab a box and go downtown
Decorate it all around
And when it rains try not to drown
Take all of your curtains down
Contribute to Christmastown
Fa la la la la la la

The rocks are in the mountain
And the fish are in the sea
And the moon is out over me

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